Feedstock Metal Powder Material
Metal 3D-printing

Our sinterbased Cold Metal Fusion-technology takes the serial production of metal parts to a new level

our process
Stainless Steel impeller powder bed
Simplify your supply chain with economical series production

We offer: The lowest investment costs of all metal 3D-printing processes for series production and a scalable machinery solutions. Your benefit: Economical series production and freedom from complex supply chains

Depowdering green parts with water jet
High green part stability enables the production of high part quantities

Our very high strength of the green parts not only simplifies cleaning and handling, but also enables post-processing before the sintering step to the metal component

Material Matters!

The heart of the 3D-printing process Cold Metal Fusion is our feedstock. It was developed to fit seamlessly into an existing ecosystem of machines and processes, to achieve high green part stability and without having to accept any compromises in the metal part properties. The machine park can be combined according to the respective requirements or you can use your existing processes and equipment.

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sieve to depowder the metal parts
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Learn more about our 3D-printing process, advantages, field of application, design guidelines and comparisons with other 3D-printing technologies

Climate Neutral
Our company is climate neutral!

We keep a close eye on our greenhouse gas emissions and continuously record and reduce them. But we also offset unavoidable emissions through carbon offsetting projects.

To offset our greenhouse gas emissions, we support a solar energy project in Outapi, Namibia. In this way, we also promote the achievement of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as combating poverty or improving living conditions in emerging and developing countries.

Further informations also under climatepartner.com/1094

With 3D printing to the top of Formula Student

Headmade Materials GmbH, inventor of the metal 3D-printing technology Cold Metal Fusion ('Metal SLS'), supports the racing team of the University of Applied Sciences Esslingen in improving the racing car 'Stallardo 21' for Formula Student.

Headmade Materials enables high-end Titanium pedals for bikes

Headmade Materials GmbH, inventor of the metal 3D printing process Cold Metal Fusion (Metal SLS), and Titanum GmbH cooperated to realise a ground-breaking pedal design for bikes. By combining the design freedom of the Cold Metal Fusion technology with the unique properties of Titanium, the lightest clipless pedals were born, delivering an unmatched riding experience.

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