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Smart materials for the future of 3D printing

Our team consists of experienced experts who have the passion and expertise to take 3D printing to a new level with our smart materials and processes.

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Everything starts with the right Material

Our goal: The right material with the right process for the simple manufacturing of perfect parts!

Headmade Materials is a deep tech company in the fields of 3D printing and Powder Metallurgy. At our location in Unterpleichfeld near Würzburg, we develop smart materials to combine these two worlds.

With our sinter-based ColdMetalFusion-technology, we offer our customers the opportunity to rethink the manufacturing of metal parts via 3D printing while relying on proven 3D and Powder Metallurgy processes. As a technology-driven company, our focus is on the further development of our material and services, e.g. by expanding the material spectrum, certifications, automation solutions or additional technology features. In doing so, we support our customers from the initial idea to the suitable material and process-oriented design to the implementation of a production line on site.

We do not see ourselves as a series manufacturer of metal parts, but provide our customers with material, technology and know-how so that they can implement their product ideas and produce smartly.

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Managing Directors Headmade Materials

Since 2015, the inventors and current managing directors Christian Staudigel and Christian Fischer have already been working on the ColdMetalFusion-technology, at that time still under the umbrella of the SKZ - The Plastic Center research institute. As passionate mechanical engineers and with experience from the automotive industry, they saw many opportunities in 3D printing, but even more hurdles. Process limitations, high costs and often the wrong applications and designs often stand in the way of wider application. From the experience in material science and polymer 3D printing, the idea for the ColdMetalFusion-technology was born to show metal 3D printing the way to mass production.


Christian Staudigel

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Christian Fischer

Co-Founder & Managing Director
Marius Geldner Headmade Materials

Marius Geldner, CFA

Co-Founder & CFO

Levent Akbas

Chief Commercial Officer

Advisory Board

Frank Grunert

Dr. Stefan Leonhardt

Robert Gallenberger

Arno Held

Our company is climate neutral!

We keep a close eye on our greenhouse gas emissions and continuously record and reduce them. We have offset the unavoidable emissions through certified climate protection projects and thus also indirectly support the fulfillment of the global UN sustainability goals.

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