Smart materials for the future of 3D printing

Our team consists of experienced experts who have the passion and expertise to take 3D printing to a new level with our smart materials and processes.

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Everything starts with the right Material

Our goal: The right material with the right process for the simple manufacturing of perfect parts!

Headmade Materials is based in Unterpleichfeld near Wuerzburg, Germany and stands as a deep tech technology provider in the areas of 3D printing and powder metallurgy for smart material and consulting solutions.

With our patented sinter-based Cold Metal Fusion technology, we offer our customers the opportunity to rethink the production of metal parts using 3D printing and at the same time we rely on proven processes. As a technology-driven company, our focus is on the further development of our material and consulting solutions, e.g. through an expansion of the range of materials, certifications, automation solutions or other technology features. We support our customers from the first idea to the right material and process-oriented design to the implementation of the production at your company.

Our goal is to bring Cold Metal Fusion technologies to our customers' doorsteps so that they can manufacture high-quality parts faster and better.

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Managing Directors Headmade Materials

The origins of the Cold Metal Fusion technology go back to 2015, when the inventors and managing directors Christian Fischer and Christian Staudigel were still working at a research institute. Both are passionate machine builders. From the very beginning, their goal was to remove the existing hurdles in 3D printing and to prepare the way for serial production in 3D printing. So many process limitations, high costs and often the wrong applications and designs stand in the way of a broad application. Inspired by the freedom and possibilities of 3D printing, they developed the Cold Metal Fusion technology to provide 3D printing with the answer it needs for the production of high quantity series.