Headmade Materials releases Stainless Steel 17/4PH for high volume production with ColdMetalFusion

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Headmade Materials releases Stainless Steel 17/4PH for high volume production with ColdMetalFusion.

Headmade Materials is expanding its portfolio of available materials for the ColdMetalFusion standard with the release of its new 17/4PH Stainless Steel material.

Unterpleichfeld, Germany – The qualification of 17/4PH Stainless Steel with leading mechanical properties for ColdMetalFusion is part of Headmade’s roadmap to support a wide range of materials for the ColdMetalFusion standard, which enables mass production throughput without sacrificing part performance and repeatability.

Stainless Steel 17/4PH is a corrosion-resistant alloy with high yield strength combined with good wear resistance. The name already indirectly indicates the main alloying elements chromium (~17%) and nickel (~4%). Headmade’s Stainless Steel 17/4PH achieves a tensile strength of 1.309 MPa and elongation of up to 13,2% (surpassing the ASTM 564 standard) after H900 heat treatment – thus giving users access to the superior mechanical performance that the ColdMetalFusion standard is renowned for.

“We are currently focused on developing key applications with well-known lead customers to produce parts cost-competitive to conventional manufacturing - and we are excited to be able to extend ColdMetalFusion’s materials portfolio to address existing and emerging applications for 17/4PH in the market,” says Christian Staudigel, Managing Director of Headmade Materials.

Stainless Steel 17/4PH has been a highly requested material from many of Headmade’s customers, and has applications spanning a broad variety of industries, from medical technology, (e-)mobility, mechanical engineering to maritime applications, where corrosion resistance combined with good mechanical properties is relevant.

Headmade Materials has run the material in its pre-series program for advanced application development. After the successful testing with relevant surgery aids for the pilot customer Aesculap AG, Stainless Steel 17/4PH is now launched as a commercially available material.

On the Formnext exhibition in November in Frankfurt, Germany, Headmade Materials intends to showcase Stainless Steel 17/4PH at ColdMetalFusion’s booth in hall 11.1, booth D48.


About Headmade Materials

Headmade Materials GmbH, Unterpleichfeld, Germany, develops materials and processes for powder metallurgy. The core technology is the self-developed and in-house manufactured binder systems, which enable customers to produce metals parts cost-effectively and in serial production. Apart of developing standard materials, the company runs bespoke material developments for its customers. Headmade Materials advises customers on application design and material processing. It also offers customers on-site use of their ColdMetalFusion line and other equipment for the production of first application prototypes and small series ramp-up.

For more information visit www.headmade-materials.de/en/

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